Al-Mardawi Group was established in 2011. With its first headquarters in the city of Salfit and in In 2014, it expanded to become its second headquarters In the city of Ramallah. As an investment company Al-Mardawi's investments are diversified in various sectors Trade, distribution and services in Palestine, Through a group of 5 companies, Money exchange, real estate insurance, brokerage Business, tourism and travel.

Business sectors

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A specialized financial company that provides financial support and knowledge by purchasing 100% investor protection from failure to pay in full cash,

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We exchange currencies for customers with other currencies. We are located in Ramallah and Salfit. We provide currency exchange, transfers and checks.

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We help clients organize tourist trips for individuals and groups by making travel preparation measures.

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We are divided into different sectors, the population sector, the commercial sector, the land development sector. To provide you with the best locations and provide a smart building system to keep you comfortable

We provide full insurance services, which include packages for individuals, companies, property and various necessary insurances

We provide children’s supplies and toys for all ages

Talia Home Palestine was established in 2022 to develop the retail sector in Palestine, where we have and will contract with many international retail companies in order to open other branches and offices in Palestine


It is a women’s formal clothing company, and the first official branch in Palestine will be opened on 1-7-2023 in Taj Mall


Loft is a sport chic retail store for women and men
The first branch of Loft Palestine Company was opened 3 years ago, and now the store is being moved to Taj Mall, and the new branch will be opened on 7-1-2023