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About Al Mardawi Group

Al-Mardawi Group Company wrote the pages of its success in 2011 in the city of Salfit, Palestine, which consists of 5 companies: an exchange company, a real estate and insurance company, a commercial brokerage company, and a tourism and travel company. The company left a clear imprint in the sectors of trade, distribution, and services, and to complete the series of successes, the company opened its headquarters. New in 2014 in Ramallah.

El Mardawi Group History

Al-Mahdawi Group Company was established in 1998 as an insurance agency for Al-Ahlia Insurance Group in northern Palestine. In 1999, the company acquired Al-Ram Agency, which specializes in advertising publications and all types of printing, and it was named Al-Mahdawi Publicity and Advertising. In 2002, the company moved to America and worked for two years to gain more experience to understand the nature of the commercial market in America. After Al Mardawi Company gained experience in the American market, the company began investing in three areas:
1. Gasoline Stations :

The company established and owns 4 gas stations in the state of Texas in the city of Tyler.

2. Pizza Restaurants
The company owned many of the Milano Pizza network of restaurants in America. The company was managing the restaurant for two years, and after that the company decided to sell part of these restaurants to one of the new investors within the company.
3. Real Estate field
Al-Mardawi appeared in the world of real estate through a family real estate investment aimed at restoring old properties to make them serviceable

Years of Experience:

2011 :
Al-Mardawi Group Company continued its activity in America, then the company decided to return to Palestine and focus on the Palestinian market, and in the meantime we opened Al-Farah Exchange Company.
2012 :
Al-Mardawi Group established a commercial brokerage company. The company brought goods from all countries of the world, including China, America, Europe, Turkey, and Egypt, to the Palestinian market and became a commercial intermediary between the global market and the Palestinian market.
2013 :
Al-Mardawi Group established a real estate company. The company built residential units by contracting with other companies and then sold them to citizens. The company also established many commercial associations and sold them to Palestinian investors.
2014 :
2014: Al-Mardawi Group established Al-Bardakush Tourism and Travel Company, where the company provided travel and tourism services to Palestinian citizens.
2016 :
Al-Mardawi Group established a retail store selling children’s toys.
2019 :
Al-Mordawi Group established a construction company, which was named “New Space”, as the company implemented many projects in the field of contracting, construction and decoration.
2022 :
The company took over the Loft agency for men’s and women’s clothing, which is an international agency in Turkey, and through it, it established Talia Home, a company working in the field of retail sales throughout Palestine, Jerusalem, Gaza, and Israel. It also took the Specter agency, which is a company. Specializing in the field of “Fashion Fashion” for women’s clothing throughout Palestine, Jerusalem, Gaza and Israel.

Al Mardawi Message


Al-Mardawi Group looks forward to providing many products and services to the Palestinian market with the latest technological means and high quality in order to create economic equalization opportunities in the Palestinian market.


Achieving commercial and financial success in the Palestinian market.
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President message

I began my primary studies in Marada School in Salfit Governorate, and then I began my secondary studies in Ma’in School in Nablus Governorate. After I finished high school, I studied business administration because of my strong passion for this field and because I know its importance in this new millennium. While studying for my bachelor’s degree from 1991 to 1998, I worked for my father in his company called “Al-Ghadeer Company,” which specialized in the field of money exchange and jewelry. After that, I moved to work in the Palestinian market after I gained experience in a variety of fields, including This includes dealing with customers, banking, accounting, and logistics. I worked as an employee and manager at Al-Ghadeer Exchange and Jewelry Company, then I went individually to work in the field of insurance and advertising, and after that I moved to the United States of America, and after that I returned to Palestine and established more companies in the field of retail and services, and I believe that the market The Palestinians need these companies, as the demand for services is greater than the supply due to the conditions in which Palestinian society lives, and I am committed to providing the greatest possible service for the sake of investment to provide job opportunities for youth and society.